No new card, but……my Studio is all put together!

Kudos to my husband who really did a lot of figuring, configuring and hanging of stuff.

My Studio is on the second floor. This is what you see as you come up the steps. Where the blank spot is, I have a wonderful reading chair that is out getting reupholstered. To the left is a bedroom.

This wall of photos is all old family stuff. My family inspires me, so I love walking past them all as I go to my work area!

I have these two treasured quilts we hung on curtain rods. The one closest was made by my late Sister-in-Law, the other belonged to my Grandmother, Mimi.

I get to have a dedicated desk area as opposed to using my work area. You will also see many bears around! I have collected bears for as long as I can remember. They were also in my old studio, but smooshed on some shelves way up high. I will be able to enjoy them more now.

This is where the magic happens! LOL. While we were waiting for the house to be built, I painted all my Stamp N Storage stuff! My work area is an old kitchen table we didn’t use anymore. It is really nice to have a larger work area.

These windows give me some awesome light!

My work station. In the old studio I had two tables. We found these workbenches at Lowes that hang on the wall and can handle 500lbs! Gives me a nice clean wall with some future storage underneath. They were very inexpensive also. Above the bench are Stamp N Storage shelves, I painted them also.

Paper, stamps and all other ephemera now gets nicely tucked out of site in a closet!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to get out and take a class with my Wonderful friend Nancy Sheads of Rowhouse Greetings, at Queens Ink. It was great to get out and get creative doing a project that was not necessarily in my wheelhouse.

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Nancy Farrell
Nancy Farrell
2 years ago

Oh Jill, these pictures are just beautiful. So exciting to say the least!!!
Have a blessed day.

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing the photos of your new work space! Looks beautiful! Happy crafting!

Lisa Dziejma
Lisa Dziejma
2 years ago

This looks FANTASTIC!!!! Love you…