Saying Goodbye….

To Stampin’ Up!

As most of you know started using Stampin’ Up! products over 15 years ago. SU has given me many things, but especially the friendships I have from my Top Dogs group.

If you come to my blog often you already know I embrace many stamp companies. I enjoy trying new products and having the chance to meet designers and learn from them. I also enjoy being able to share all that info with you guys, as well as being able to share links to the products I use so you can easily find them.

Recently other Stampin’ Up! members have been grumbling about my site. Which I can understand, since I am promoting other companies products. However, what I don’t like is that they want to limit what I can share with you. Honestly I have found that I am not all that crazy about anything new from Stampin’ Up! in the last couple of product releases. I do not like the Blends markers and refused to promote them because I find them inferior to my Copics. There are several other areas I have been unhappy about but I won’t bore you with them!

That all being said, I guess you could say I am “Marie Kondoing” Stampin’ Up! It no longer gives me joy, so am thanking them for their service, but I am saying goodbye. I have submitted my resignation and will no longer be a Demonstrator.

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Kathy Engler
Kathy Engler
10 months ago

I certainly understand. I was just about to place an order until I got to the “checkout” page. It was going to cost me $15.78 for shipping for a package that could NOT have weighed more than a pound PLUS $10.28 in sales tax. Not happening! You have an amazing talent and your skills are much appreciated!

Chris Dring
10 months ago

That’s a crock of BS. They have no right to dictate what you can blog about, on your own blog! Glad for you that you are moving on.

Michelle Gleeson
10 months ago

Congratulations Jill on closing one door to open so many others to feed your creativity.

J. Atterbury Creations
10 months ago

So sorry to hear about your experience with Stampin’ Up. I have a few of their products that I got from people who sold some of their old stamps online. If it was in their original price, I surely couldn’t affford them. Anyway, the main reason I came here is because you left me a comment in my Blog that asked what did I use for the stitching that I incorporated in my card in that post. I stitch using my Singer sewing machine. There’s 100 stitches available and it was one of them. Anyway, have a blessed weekend and… Read more »