Saying Goodbye….

To Stampin’ Up!

As most of you know started using Stampin’ Up! products over 15 years ago. SU has given me many things, but especially the friendships I have from my Top Dogs group.

If you come to my blog often you already know I embrace many stamp companies. I enjoy trying new products and having the chance to meet designers and learn from them. I also enjoy being able to share all that info with you guys, as well as being able to share links to the products I use so you can easily find them.

Recently other Stampin’ Up! members have been grumbling about my site. Which I can understand, since I am promoting other companies products. However, what I don’t like is that they want to limit what I can share with you. Honestly I have found that I am not all that crazy about anything new from Stampin’ Up! in the last couple of product releases. I do not like the Blends markers and refused to promote them because I find them inferior to my Copics. There are several other areas I have been unhappy about but I won’t bore you with them!

That all being said, I guess you could say I am “Marie Kondoing” Stampin’ Up! It no longer gives me joy, so am thanking them for their service, but I am saying goodbye. I have submitted my resignation and will no longer be a Demonstrator.

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Kathy Engler
Kathy Engler
4 years ago

I certainly understand. I was just about to place an order until I got to the “checkout” page. It was going to cost me $15.78 for shipping for a package that could NOT have weighed more than a pound PLUS $10.28 in sales tax. Not happening! You have an amazing talent and your skills are much appreciated!

Chris Dring
4 years ago

That’s a crock of BS. They have no right to dictate what you can blog about, on your own blog! Glad for you that you are moving on.

Michelle Gleeson
4 years ago

Congratulations Jill on closing one door to open so many others to feed your creativity.

J. Atterbury Creations

So sorry to hear about your experience with Stampin’ Up. I have a few of their products that I got from people who sold some of their old stamps online. If it was in their original price, I surely couldn’t affford them. Anyway, the main reason I came here is because you left me a comment in my Blog that asked what did I use for the stitching that I incorporated in my card in that post. I stitch using my Singer sewing machine. There’s 100 stitches available and it was one of them. Anyway, have a blessed weekend and… Read more »