51’s not bad….

Yesterday was my Birthday and I am 51 years young! 

Having some awesome crafty friends makes for some pretty special cards. I belong to a super group of crafting ladies. They make my holidays beautiful with their work and make my daily life an adventure. A group of us have had a running group text for almost two years. We share projects and finds. We share snippets of our lives. We share each others achievements and milestones. I don’t know what I ever did without them, but I am really glad each one of them is in my life. 

Today I am going to show you the fantastic cards they made for my Birthday. 







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Jill Killeen
4 years ago

Lol! Heal quick! Looking forward to lots of continuing Ed!!!

4 years ago

Please forgive me for being late! I'm all about letting the celebration continue! (I need to get use out of my belated birthday stamp! LOL) Love you girl and couldn't agree more how wonderful it is to have each other's support! You always make me laugh ad your talent is just amazing!

Jill Killeen
4 years ago

You guys are the best!!!

Nancy Farrell
4 years ago

Oh Jill, how sweet of you. I feel the same way.
Have a great day and a blessed weekend. 🙂