Metal Mosaic Fun

Good Morning!

  If you read my A little About Me.. page you will see that I love to spend time with my crafty friends and take classes.  Last week Ramsey, Susan and I had the chance to take this super fun Metal Mosaic Class.  Weird name because there really is NO METAL INVOLVED.  Lol, it should really be Faux Metal Mosaic. But hey, I’m the student so I am gonna roll with it.

Me and My Continuing Ed Crew.
These mirrors, (from Ikea!) were super easy to create. Queen’s Ink does this class and a Paper Mosaic one quite often.  If you live anywhere near Savage Maryland, check them out!  Don’t worry we will be doing that Paper one too! 
Teachers Sample

Ramsey and her masterpiece, with my funny selfie in her mirror! 

Susan with hers, and I must say she really nailed
the color combos! 
I really love how this turned out, and will be making good use of what I learned to make some great gifts in the future. 

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into other things we do besides card crafting!  Don’t forget to check out the other pages on this blog.  

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Jill Killeen
4 years ago

We did have so much fun! I cannot wait to do some more! Happy Easter to you and Marty and the girls!

Nancy Farrell
4 years ago

Morning Jill! This was so interesting and colorful and happy. You all did a wonderful job.
Have a blessed day. 🙂

Jill Killeen
4 years ago

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed the process and I have purchased all the stuff to make these as gifts in the future.

4 years ago

Looks like it was a fun class. I really like the results. It's fun to try something different and have fun at the same time. Way to go! Your projects look fabulous!