Touches of Texture with Gina K’s Wreath Builder!

Happy Saturday!  I have a super fun technique/tool for you today.  Recently several friends and I were able to attend a Wreath Builder class with the The Fabulous Gina K. and her daughter Rina from Gina K. Designs. They are both absolutely entertaining and sweet. 

R-L Standing: Gina Krupsky, Jeanie Stark, Roseanne Mulhern, Myself,
Squatting: Susan Itell, Rina Krupsky
Seated: Ramsey Alexander, Hilda Burton
If you are not familiar with Gina K’s Wreath Builder I will add a video at the bottom. It is a great tool once you know what to do with it.  I must confess that most of my friends have had this little gem and used it for almost a year. I looked at it and said eh! who wants to build wreaths? I want to color. I didn’t think about it again. When our wonderful Photoscraps announced this class, I was still not sold. BUT! you know I take any chance I can get to take a class from a Designer especially with friends. So I signed up.  Well let me tell you how fun it was and how uninformed I was! I totally needed this tool in my studio. SO many super fun things you can create…..and color them too. 

Amazing Right?

These are the cards I did in Gina & Rina’s class. You can see how you use the technique in the video to stamp images in a perfect coordinating circle.
The card in the center was done just like the square ones, you then chop it in half (HORRORS!) and add to a rectangular piece of card stock with something in the middle hiding the cut. Clever huh? These were all stamped with Gina K. Inks. Such wonderful bright colors.  Did you know that you can use her Amalgam ink line with almost any medium?  ie: alcohol markers, watercolor…It is generally my go black. 
After class I was so excited to give this a try in the Studio. I decided to use flowers and bees so I grabbed my Stampin’ Up! Touches of Texture stamp set. 
I was very pleased with my first attempt! 

Copic Markers:
G20, G21, G24
E93, YR02, YR18,
Y02, Y04, Y06

Supply Shop:  

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Jill Killeen
4 years ago

Thank You SO much Hilda. It was great meeting you also. I do hope you will join us again, we are a crazy bunch.

4 years ago

I love your beautiful card, Jill, with the bee flying off. It was great meeting you at the fun class. Enjoy your day. Hilda

Jill Killeen
4 years ago

Thanks Chris. Gina and Rina were both very down to earth. We are lucky that we get some top people teaching in our area. Next month some of us are taking a class with Neat & Tangled. For me it’s not only the learning but the LAUGHING!

4 years ago

I happened to watch the wreath builder video yesterday and oh boy, I think I need to try it. The one I watched she was making wall art with their new downloads or whatever for the middle. I love watching Rina's videos too – she cracks me up. I am so jealous that you all got to do this! Of course I would be so excited to see and meet everyone I wouldn't get anything done. Love your card!

Chris from Pella

Jill Killeen
4 years ago

Oh Nancy, you should totallt try the wreath builder. I think you would like it. It felt good to het back in the Studio today and CREATE! Enjoy your weekend❣️

Nancy Farrell
4 years ago

Oh nice!!! I should try one, but not today.
I'm on a masculine birthday card binge., five to be exact.
Have a blessed day.