Potted Primrose with Nancy Sheads of Rowhouse Greetings!

Tuesday was class day for me!  Nancy from Rowhouse Greetings had three wonderful cards for us featuring Potted Primrose from Power Poppy.  Power Poppy has some really unique designs and I encourage you to pop over and take look.

I have to tell you, I really enjoy taking classes with Nancy. Even if I may not be crazy about a card, or the card may not be my “style” I still always learn something. There is also the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow artists. Spending time with people who love to do what I love to do is an added bonus! 

Now! onto the good stuff:

 Class cards done by Nancy:
Some progression of my cards:
The Finished Products:

Thanks for taking a look.  Here is a list of products we used:

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Jill Killeen
4 years ago

Thanks Nancy! We will convert you or drive you nuts with our coloring.

Nancy Farrell
4 years ago

JILL!!!! You are becoming an expert. These look great. I admire your patience in coloring. I'm so happy you enjoy it.
Have a blessed day!