Good Morning!

I am sure some of you have noticed that I have skipped blogging for a bit.  Honestly I just needed to take a break and catch up on some things. I will more than likely not blog again for a couple weeks. 
I had a fabulous time Learning at Copic Boot Camp 2018. I have to admit, I love to color!  Boot Camp was fast paced and full of fun and knowledge. Jen Dove is amazing as well as all her “Minions! 
Here are some pictures from camp, and some things I colored! 
My Boot Camp Boots!
Because how else would you round out 4 days of Copic Boot camp than
by coloring some BOOTS!

Jen in the center, and her Fab team!

Yes! they actually dressed as minions! 
I am seriously embarrassed by day 1! but look what I was able to do by day 4.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at what I was able to accomplish.

for continuing to stop by!

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