Another Example of how Touch Means SO Much!

Good Morning!  
Today I have a feel good story to share with you. 

Meet my Uncle Bob!
He’s a handsome guy!
(I’m kinda partial. My Mimi, his Mom, thought my husband kind of looks like him!)
My story today involves Uncle Bob.

If you are part of my family or our great wealth of friends, then you are on what my husband calls 
“The List”
What that means is, I send you holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc…
get the picture?
So over the years my Uncle Bob and my Aunt Bonnie have been frequent recipients of cards from me! Aunt Bonnie would always send me lovely notes thanking me and updating me on what they had been up to. Sadly, she now suffers from Alzheimers and resides in an assisted living facility. I still send cards to Uncle Bob. He recently celebrated a birthday and of course received a card from me.  
Now, this is where the story gets really good! 
Here is a copy of an email he sent me recently.

Doesn’t that just give you “feel goods”! You just never know how things you may see as small, can touch people in bigs ways. I love to send cards, they make people smile. I don’t always get to hear how they have “touched” someone. But when I do, it really makes my day.  So when I got that email I was just thrilled. I immediately emailed back thanking him and to ask if I could blog about it! His answer was ‘Most Certainly!’ Although I did’t tell him I was going to include this photo I stole from my Cousin’s Facebook page. 
*Thanks Tracey!

Touch Means SO Much 
My friends all kid me because we give our flight attendants Starbucks gift cards within a Thank You card after flights. Let me tell you I have had more emails and comments in my Etsy shop from Flight Attendants! The other thing we do when we travel is when we leave a tip for the housekeeping staff in hotels, I put it in a Thank You card. For me it’s a little thing because I love card making but for the person who receives it, it may just make them smile or even turn their whole day around, they may pay it forward and you can cause a whole chain reaction of: 

So, go ahead and do a little something for someone, smile at a stranger, give a random person a card.
The more Happy we share, the better the world can be.

If you would like to donate to Alzheimers Research you can do it

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