The Birthday Party Project

When you are a card maker you often end up with a surplus of cards! Imagine!  A few months ago I saw a news blurb about a company called The Birthday Party Project. They along with volunteers and donations host monthly birthday bashes at homeless and transitional living facilities all across the country. This seemed like such a wonderful idea to me, what kid does not like a party and a gift and a card….see where I am heading? So I went ahead and contacted them about donating cards. They were thrilled! I went about gathering extra birthday cards I had and also enlisted some of my Top Dog stampin’ friends. I am excited to say that this:

is the first of what I hope will be many packages I send to this caring group.

Their mission statement really touched my heart.

Take a look at the number of smiles!
It really seemed to go with my own mission statement of
Touch Means SO Much

Check out the happiness.
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