Rethink Paper Pumpkin!

Have you thought about joining Paper Pumpkin, 
and fretted……
Is it too simple? Is it too complicated? 

  Well let me tell you it is neither!  Paper Pumpkin can be exactly your skill level. There are people who do ‘alternates’ where they create their own thing, there are those of us that just do it straight on the directions and maybe add or subtract a few things. It is whatever you put into it. 

  I also think it is a product for all ages!  My 14 year old Granddaughter has been doing them for about 3 years, and let me introduce you to my 10 year old great-niece, Ava….

Ava definitely got the family crafting gene! She used to do all kinds of crafts with her Nono (Grandmother), who sadly passed away a few years ago. Her Mom Ame, DID NOT get the gene! So, Auntie Jill to the rescue. This past year for her birthday I gave her a subscription for a year of Paper Pumpkin. She loves it! Every time there is a Thank You type card she sends me one! I love that, A. she is sending Thank You’s! and B. she is able to be creative and and share her creativity. 

                             Here is the Thank You she sent from February’s kit

 I just love it! 
so as you see anyone can do it!

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